Slightly better photos

I've posted a few pictures on Flickr (along with a new sidebar link) of Charlie Biscuit that are somewhat better. However, he's had a haircut. So, I'll need to get a new shot of the sleeker, cooler Charlie. I must say, for a dog who has been somewhat neglected the past 3 months, he's doing really well. We're trying to really stick to Cesar's Way in integrating him into our family. He has yet to have an accident in the house which amazes me since he was an outdoor dog. He loves his crate and follows Sam around like a little brother. His only fault is that he seems to really enjoy wood - either from the great outdoors, or a piece of furniture. When we catch him, we give him his Nylabone which he also enjoys (just not as much as the footboard of my bed.) We took him up to Graeagle this weekend for the kids' fishing derby and a little kayaking. He enjoyed the derby, especially snacking on the goose poop along the shores of the pond. Peanut and I even managed to take him out kayaking on the pond which I think he even started to enjoy after he realized we weren't going to throw him overboard. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of Charlie The Kayaking Dog. I really need to send the damn camera back to Fuji to see if it can be salvaged. Piece of crap.