How I spent my summer vacation...

I'm back and rested and ready to dig my way out of piles of laundry and crap that have taken over my home. We spent a week at Bass Lake, just south of Yosemite, with the kids having a relaxing and fun time. We all hiked to Vernal Falls then Bob and Peanut continued on to Nevada Falls. We boated a bit on Bass Lake, swam, ate, played cards and Scrabble, went horseback riding, rode a vintage train, played tennis - fun stuff. Here are some pics:

On Friday, after a week of togetherness, we drove toward home, dropping the children at my in-laws so that we could catch an afternoon flight to New Orleans to surprise a few friends.

A group of friends had been in Louisiana in St. Bernard Parish for the week working for Habitat for Humanity. They were hauling out the still-wet contents of the flooded homes in the area, ripping out the sheetrock and getting the houses ready to be made habitable again.

We couldn't go with them because of our planned vacation to Yosemite. So, we caught a late flight into New Orleans on Friday, surprised them and spent the weekend with them celebrating their hard work and contributing some money to the economy.

The music, food, and friends were amazing. We stayed in a hotel in the French Quarter called Hotel Monteleone. I highly recommend it. The rate was dirt-cheap and the location was perfect. Our room was beautiful and right on Rue Royal. And, how have I lived my entire life without beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde? It's good I don't live there. I'd be the size of a house with all that good fried food.