The Joy of Baking

I got a fabulous new cake book as an early birthday gift from Carol. So, I let Peanut pick out her cake for her birthday party this weekend. She chose a fairly simple cake, the Fling, given the choices the book offered (multi-layered, tilting behemoths of icing and brightly colored chocolate do-dads.) I finished baking the 9-inch rounds of chocolate chip pound cake this afternoon, as well as step one of the whipped chocolate ganache (basically, everything but the whipping of the ganache.)

As the layers of the cake sat cooling and the ganache chilled, the kids went about their evening routines. I headed to my room to read. From my bed I could see that the kitchen door had been left ajar. This is problematic as we have two large dogs, one of whom likes to go stealth in search of treats left on countertops. You can see where this is going.

Fortunately, Bob got to the dog and the cakes before I did. This gave me time to breathe one full breath before freaking out. Casey, the food-whore-of-a-dog, had nibbled a few bites off of each of the 9-inch cake rounds. Bitch! Well, not literally, but still. Damn dog!

To recover, Peanut suggested we trim off the nibbled parts and form an eight (her age-to-be) out of the rounds, making it a single layer cake, scrapping the ganache filling (still used it to crumb coat the layers post nibbles), and continuing with the chocolate glaze icing and brightly colored chocolate polka dots.

So, I've made 2 colors of the polka dots out of chocolate candy wafers and will probably do about 5 more colors to get the requisite number of dots. Thankfully, the party's not till Saturday night.