Ten Things I Hate

Thanks again, Karen, for this opportunity to play a round of tag. This one's a little more in line with my mood. I get to name 10 things I hate. Only 10? This could prove difficult.

1. Cancer
2. Getting up early
3. Whining - by children or adults
4. Snakes - more of a phobia, really, but hate also works
5. Cilantro & Whiskey
6. People at Starbucks pronouncing venti as ven-tay (If you're going to give the drink an effed up name, learn to say it. I ordered a ven-tee la-tay not a ven-tay la-tay.)
7. Bad service in expensive restaurants
8. My inability to complete projects or stay organized
9. Returning phone calls
10. My son's inability to miss the toilet seat when peeing