Crappy Day

Today has sucked. Not completely, just mostly. Peanut's best friend moved to Pennsylvania today. This is the second of her two closest friends to move in the past month. So, she and I spent the morning at the mall getting her ears pierced and having a little retail therapy. She's never really been to the mall with me for a shopping excursion. So, this was a big deal to her. We had a good time aside from the brief tears during the ear piercing.

Then, we spent the afternoon at the vet with our oldest dog, Casey. She stopped eating and I found a lump under her jaw near the throat (lymph node area) which made my heart drop into my stomach. I was raised in a rural setting where pets weren't really mourned or given human attributes. So, you'd think I'd be a little less freaked out. However, we've had Casey for as long as my kids can remember. She's a fixture in our lives and a good one. Bug is especially close to her. So, off to the vet we went.

It doesn't look good. All of her lymph nodes are enlarged. She has no fever, but was pretty dehydrated. So, they gave her fluids (made her look like a camel as they give them subcutaneously) and aspirated some of the enlarged lymph nodes. They also sent us home with a Rx of antibiotics on the off chance it's just an infection of some kind (unlikely given the lack of fever.) The results of her blood work and aspirations should be available on Monday. After her appointment, we got some wet dog food in the hopes she'd eat it and keep it down which she has. So, that's a good thing. She seems to have perked up some since the fluids and food. But, I don't have a good feeling about this. She seems like a classic description of lymphoma which has a life expectancy, when symptomatic, of a few weeks to a year (if chemo is given.)

Oh, and earlier in the week, Bug's diagnosis of Asperger's grew to Asperger's, ADHD, ODD and possibly Tourette Syndrome. I'd like to do a post on invisible disabilities, but don't know if I have it in my right now.

Fun times 'round here. Mommy needs a cocktail.