Swallowed whole

No, I haven't fallen into a black hole. I have been swallowed alive by my house. We decided to replace the carpet in our bedroom and Bug's room (the last two carpeted rooms in our house) with cork flooring. So, the entire contents of those two rooms has been residing in our living room and family room and any other nook or cranny we could find. In fewer than 1500 sq. feet, we're a little short on nooks and crannies. Some of the furniture is out on the patio, our bed in the living room and general chaos abounds.

So, painting is done, floors are in, just some touching up and moving everything back in. Just. Ha!

I also painted a mural on Bug's wall of a kiwi bird (one of his Aspie obsessions) and a tree. It wasn't how he envisioned it (another lovely Asperger'ish issue) so he was very unhappy to begin with. He's warming up to the idea, but will never let go of the fact that I painted the kiwi the wrong color.

I'll try to post a picture of the floors and artwork. I do love me some cork.