Native Tongue

After reading my rant about our family vacation to Disneyland, my friend Carol recommended I read Native Tongue by Carl Hiassen. This was my first Hiassen book and I really enjoyed it, especially as a follow-up to our trip. I think it's technically a genre book (mystery/thriller), something I normally detest. However, Hiassen's warped characters and plot made it downright fun to read. Here's a little teaser for you:

Bud Schwartz had been a two-bit burglar since he was seventeen years old. He was neither proud of it nor ashamed. It was what he did, period. It suited his talents. Whenever his mother gave him a hard time about getting an honest job, Bud Schwartz reminded her that he was the only one of her three children who was not in psychoanalysis. His sister was a lawyer and his brother was a stockbroker, and both of them were miserably fucked up. Bud Schwartz was a crook, sure, but at least he was at peace with himself.