A Cinco de Mayo Primer or Dude, where's my holiday?

Are you inundated with pressure to celebrate a holiday you know nothing about, save the requirement to ingest a lot o' lime and salt? I'm here to help you out. So, when you pull your butt up to the bar after work, you can educate your friends between tequila shots.

Not only does Olvera Street, in downtown L.A., have the world's best taquitos, the O St. website also gives a great explanation of what Cinco de Mayo is and isn't. First, it is not a holiday invented by TGI Friday's. Secondly, it is not Mexico's Independence Day. (That's Sept. 16.) You can read up on the Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla) that took place May 5, 1862 and enter the key details in your Treo/Crackberry. It'll impress your friends, or at least the bartender.