Vichy Vichy Vichy

Apparently I've been quite good in the sack lately because this weekend Bob flew my friend Janell in for 24 hrs. of chick time. I picked her up at the airport Saturday evening, drove straight to the City to see The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. We had time to grab some wine and cheese at the Farallon first since we wouldn't be eating dinner until after 10pm. Good stuff. Sunday, we slept late, grabbed some coffee at Peet's and drove to Berkeley for a day at The Claremont's spa. Karen will be jealous to know that our scrubs included the coveted vichy shower. To top that off, the showers in the women's locker room had so many adjustable shower heads that we were sure we knew at least 10 women who'd trade their husbands in in a heartbeat for such a luxury. Thanks Bob!