"Did you see anything fucked up?"

Last night, Bob and I went to see David Sedaris. While I enjoy reading his work, my eyes roll back into my head and I begin to drool when I get to listen to him read his work. One piece that he read appeared in the New Yorker today. If you dare to read it, throw a towel down under yourself first. This is the second time we've seen him in the flesh. I can't say I laughed any less than the first time. He's So. Damn. Funny. He's also incredibly warped. I admire that in a human being. Assemble all of this in a pink button-down shirt on a little gay man and I'm over-the-moon. If you've never listened to his work, don't ease into it. Buy the box set, drop the kids at school and pop it in the CD player/iPod/tape deck. I do warn you that you may crash your car. So, be prepared to pull over at any given moment. As they say in Minnesota, he makes my socks go up and down.