Giant in Japan

So, my Very Tall (and, if you know me, Very Tall is Very Tall) cousin is acclimating to life in Japan as a pseudo expat working for a major auto-maker. Check out his assimilation over at Don't Break the Set. His family will be joining him there soon, but for now he's flying solo. Here's a little taste of the fun he's having:

So it's Lent now, and I wasn't able to get to the Catholic center in Nagoya in time for services on Wednesday. But I just went to Saturday night service. At the end, they gave out the ashes again, I guess in case people missed the 3pm on Wednesday like I did. In case you don't know, on Ash Wednesday at the beginning of Lent, the priest marks the sign on the cross on everyone's forehead with ashes. He says "Remember that thou art dust, from dust you came and to dust you will return". It's to put one in the right "dying to self" frame of mind for Lent.

All well and good until you're a 2 meter tall foreigner on the train in the busiest stations in Nagoya on a Saturday night, and your forehead is up there above traffic for everyone to see. It was awesome. I could have nearly had the whole train car to myself while the everyone packed into the neighboring cars.