Maybe it won't be an earthquake after all

I'm starting to think that California really will fall into the ocean, just not due to an earthquake. With all the rain we've had, it's looking more like we're just going to slide in.

We've had so much rain. So. Much. Rain. We get excited when we see the sun - at all. We count minutes of sunshine as opposed to days or even hours. I know, break out the violin. It's a sad state of affairs. However, we didn't chose to live elsewhere. We chose California. It's supposed to be sunny, at least part of the time.

The agriculture is suffering - strawberry crops ruined, artichokes can't be picked. What will we do without artichokes. For the Love of God. I can't live without fresh artichokes. I was already concerned that Trader Joe's wouldn't have the cool purple artichokes again this year. Now, the possibility of no artichokes. It's more than a girl can take.

On the upside, I'm looking like quite the gardener. All those wildflower seeds I keep throwing out in the yard are growing like crazy. If it stops raining for a minute, I'll take a picture.

I think I'm going to have to find another cute pair of rain boots. The one pair is just not enough. I saw a pair of high-heeled wellies...

And, don't even talk to me about umbrellas. It rains so much, we don't even bother with them anymore.