How Not to Meet the New Neighbor

Step 1: Offer your kids an opportunity to earn some extra money cleaning out the dog run (poop scooping and weeding).
Step 2: Instruct the kids to put the poop in the trash and the weeds in the green recycling bin.
Step 3: Leave them to their work, listening as they happily chat and clean.
Step 4: Ask your husband to go get the kids for dinner.
Step 5: Have your husband come in to tell you that there are remnants of poop and weeds hanging from the fence that separates the dog run from the New Neighbor's yard.
Step 6: Ask the kids just how much debris they have flung over the fence.
Step 7: Tell the kids (since dinner is on the table and bedtime follows) they will be apologizing to the neighbor and cleaning up their mess after school tomorrow.
Step 8: Tuck kids into bed.
Step 9: Hear doorbell.
Step 10: Answer door and meet new neighbor who informs you that the debris is on her roof, in her yard and covering her BBQ which she plans to use to cook tonight's dinner. Also find out that she has 4 small grass-eating canines who will then vomit up the grass if they eat it.
Step 11: Tuck tail between legs, introduce self and evil children (who have since jumped out of bed to introduce themselves), and apologize so much that you feel like you've eaten grass and would like to vomit.
Step 12: Offer the fruit-of-your-loins as eternal slave labor or at least for tomorrow afternoon as they clean up the mess.
Step 13: Tell kids the upcoming trip to Disneyland is in danger of being canceled due to their heathen behavior.