This past weekend, my in-laws kept the kids. They do that about once a month. So, we try to time it to fit our child care needs. With the Gala this past weekend, it worked out just right. Well, Sunday morning, we got a call from Hubby's dad. He was taking Hubby's mom to the hospital because of severe lower abdominal pain. They were thinking gallstones or intestinal blockage due to the low and intense pain. By Sunday evening, they'd figured out it was her appendix, which had ruptured, and took her into surgery. Fortunately, she's recovering well and is expected to come home Thursday. They want to keep her for a bit to make sure the infection is under control.

I hadn't talked to my mom in a while. So, when she called this evening, I was just about to tell her that Audrey had ended up in the hospital. Then I hear my mom say, "We're at the W** Medical Center [hospital]. The CAT scan showed that it's Dad's appendix, a gallstone and there are a couple spots on his liver that they may or may not check out." WTF!! Evidently, my dad had been feeling fine until today. The pain was so severe he came home from work. After a CT, they could see it was his appendix, but also noted a gallstone and the liver spots. He finally went into surgery at 10pm tonight. My mom just called to say that they got the appendix out in time, but it had a lot of unusual adhesions. The surgeon left the gallstone to avoid any possible infection from disturbing it and noted that the liver spots were just small cysts, nothing to worry about. His main concern was the appearance of the appendix which he sent out to the lab.

Fun times. Hubby's thinking he'll get his appendix out just for fun. The kids are wondering why people still have an appendix and what makes it infected and why two grandparents had to have it removed in one week.