It Better Be Red

I've tried to like chardonnay, really I have. I've tried so many. I've tried everyone's favorite, the best, the worst, local, foreign. It doesn't matter, my taste buds react the same way every time. Yuck! Gross! Can I spit this out now?

So, I was pleased to see this article in my RSS feeds today. Looks like there was some sort of asinine pipe-dream about making chardonnay the official state wine.

Thankfully, a dear senator from San Francisco has seen the light. She's gunning for zinfandel (no, not white zinfandel, aka pink wine) which, in my opinion, makes far more sense. First, it's red. Second, it's a major grape for California. Third, it doesn't taste like shit. In fact, zinfandels can be fabulous and once you've come to love them (if you don't automatically). They even make a nice everyday wine, whether paired with food or not. The only thing they lack is the ability to be served ice cold on a hot summer day. Well, you can try it, but it's heavily frowned upon in these parts.