Title of the next Harry Potter book

Ready for a game of Hangman?

Go to JKRowling's site. Click on the eraser on her desk.
# 1. Click doorway in mirror to see Christmas tree.
# 2. Click on the top half of the door to get the wreath.
# 3. Click on the top of the mirror to get the garland.
# 4. Click on the spider web right next to the door to make them go away.
# 5. Click the 4th chime in the window and get the key for the door.
# 6. Drag key to unlock the door.
# 7. Door opens to show a desk with a package.
# 8. Click the bow on the package and it will open.
# 9. Click the inside of the package and a game of Hangman is shown where you can play a game to guess the name of the seventh book.
# 10. You can keep playing till you get it right and when you do a check mark will appear.