So, just how embarrassed will I be tomorrow when my daughter and her friend ask their Spanish teacher how to say "recycling" in Spanish so I can communicate with the cleaning people. Fuck! I can look it up. I tried to stop them. But, I just know they won't be able to resist the Martha-Stewart-urge to get it right. Agh! Shoot me now.

I feel like Sandra Bullock's stupid character in Crash. Speaking of which, that movie was lame, obvious, and poorly written. If that crap can win an award, I really have chosen the wrong profession. Oh, wait, I don't want any awards, just the joy of knowing I've raised some kids to a state of self-sufficiency with a relatively thorough education and some sort of source of income and happiness. If they also manage a successful relationship with another human being, even better. If not, I wish for them joy in dining and traveling alone or with friends, and some great pets to come home to at the end of the day.

Can you tell I'm bitter about Bob golfing in Hawai'i for 5 days? When I called this morning he was on the ferry boat to Lana'i for a round. He just called a few minutes ago (a full 12+ hours later) on the ferry ride back to Maui. Poor Bob. He must be tired and slightly chilled on that ferry boat. Oh, wait, there are cocktails with umbrellas awaiting him and succulent piggies roasting for his dining pleasure. Well, at least we don't get snow here or I'd be really pissy.