Serenity Now is back in session and all is right with the world. Except for this and this and that's just on a local level.

My day was so very "in the groove" at the start. The kids were ready on time, gas has dropped to $1.99/gal. and the Trader Joe's parking lot was virtually empty when I arrived this morning. Yes, empty. Yes, Trader Joe's. Yes, they were open. I know, I took a moment to just sit and enjoy it - even phoned my mom. It was that amazing. Then, I proceded to drop $290 on groceries. I also managed to fit it all in one cart. I thought I should have received my super hero cape at the register. Apparently, they were all out.

By 11:00a.m. I had picked up the dry cleaning and a 40lb. bag of dog food from the pet store. Again, no cape at the register. Perhaps they didn't know I was coming.

By mid afternoon, however, my brain started to short circuit. I'd been too productive. Laundry was going. Dishes were washing. It was all too much. The rain had started just in time for pick up and I sold 2 books on which I'm starting to think is more trouble than it's worth, especially when you think you accidentally donated a book that just sold for 75 cents only to discover (after driving to all of your standard donation spots) that you were super organized and already stuck it in a mailing evelope and left it on the desk. Major forehead slap.

I think I'll take it easy tomorrow. Perhaps just a latte at Peet's and a nice scone, maybe a little dusting or mopping. Nothing too strenuous.