Load 'er up

I just finished gathering supplies for Marksville, Louisiana. Their Hurricane Relief Coordinator has requested assistance from Operation Ryan's Hope. Apparently Marksville doesn't expect to see the Red Cross for quite some time. So, a truck will be leaving California Friday loaded with essentials. The kids' school is helping to collect donations. As I picked through our closets and pantry, I was reminded just how blessed we are. I had no trouble coming up with nearly new clothing, bedding, unused toiletries, and slew of children's books. In less than an hour, I had filled boxes, suitcases and bags with enough clothing and supplies for at least a family or two. It makes you realize how little you need of what you have. And, it's not like I don't make regular donations of our clothing and household items. I probably do so 2-3 times/month. Still, there's plenty more to give.