Craft Fair Post Mortem

So, there weren't any liquid soap ponchos, per se. But there was an entire booth devoted to tiny one-eyed gourds painted in career motifs with interchangeable outfits. How I wish my cell phone could take pictures. Y'all really missed out.

All was not lost, as a fabulous artist from San Francisco was there. Patrick Meyer makes the most amazing pieces of useful art, fashioned out of pewter. The nice thing about useful art is that you can justify spending money on it for even more reasons than the purely aesthetic stuff. He also had a selection of sculptural candles, which were in my craft-fair-price-range. I bought the large round people candle in black. Uber cool. Then, because I really wanted more of his stuff, but was feeling too poor to buy it at full price, I scored a set of salad servers and an ice cream scoop on eBay. I think I'll be hitting his website for some Christmas gifts, too.