Confront Your Phobias

Bug, the boy child, has an extreme phobia of flying-things-that-can-or-might-sting-you. This is not an unfounded fear, as he has first hand knowledge of being stung, by a wasp, in the lip. As his mother, I have assured him, repeatedly, that his odds of being stung again were slim.

So, as I was in an inversion in yoga class last week, my cell phone rang. I quickly uninverted (word?) and raced to grab my offending phone. It was the school admin. Bug had been stung in the hand by a wasp on his way out to pictures (it was picture day). He was fine, talking them through the first aid procedure and being ever brave. Given that the sting reaction was minor, they had Tylenol and Benadryl spray on hand and he was calm, we decided it best that he stay at school. I talked with him and he was fine with that. So, off he went to pictures and by the time he came home there wasn't even a mark on him.

I think I can safely say I've only been stung a few times in my entire life and this kid gets stung twice in a 2 year period - what ARE the odds?