The Poptarts Were Organic

First Day of School: Wake early, dress in cute outfits with coordinating hair do-dads for daughter, slicked down hair for son and makeup for mom, kids shiny, clean, well-fed, teeth brushed, on time for school.

Second Day of School: Wake to youngest yelling at you and oldest to get out of bed, recall hitting snooze in a fog, bolt upright, note it's time to depart, give thanks youngest woke you, apologize for yelling at her to let you finish sleeping, give oldest quick yank from bed, put on yoga jacket and flip flops with pajamas and pray you do not have to get out of the car, forego brushing oldest child's teeth, grab organic apple poptart wannabe for him to eat in the car, drop off just under the wire along with every other parent on day 2, send in application for Mother Of The Year.