Summer Colds Suck

I'd really like to know who decided to slowly inflate my skull with a bike pump. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? The weather is gorgeous - crisp, breezy, sun shining, birds chirping and all that crap. Me, I'm in bed, ice pack on my head, wishing someone would just knock me out. I'm exhausted. If I lay down, the post nasal drip is excruciating, gagging, cough-provoking. So, I'm propped up, watching HGTV and surfing. Fortunately, the kids are playing like the love each other. Odd. It's a new thing since we've implemented the "bicker with your sibling lose TV/computer time rule". They inevitably do something each day that results in losing TV time for the following day, but overall, they get along swimmingly and play together most of the day without incident. The other bonus is they aren't watching TV (a problem 'round these parts in the summer months). Later this afternoon, just for fun, we're supposed to go next door for a housewarming/going away party for the neighbors. They postponed their housewarming party for so long that it's become a bon voyage as the house hits the market next week. Oh, well. Any moment now, my most fabulous husband should be walking through the door with a big fat bottle of Nyquil. Meanwhile, I've eaten enough honey lemon cough drops to induce vomitting. Shoot me now.