Summer Listening

I've become such a lazy reader this summer that I've taken to listening to my books on tape. Thankfully, our library is fabulous and had a copy of A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. I've had a copy of the book sitting on my to read shelf forever and just kept dusting it. Okay, who are we kidding. I don't dust. Occasionally I Swiffer a shelf or two, but I don't dust - haven't since I left the dust bowl of my youth, Nevada. I digress. So, while battling for cassette-time in the car with the kids (they were working through another Harry Potter book on tape), I finally got through all but the last chapter of A Walk in the Woods. The second to the last chapter left us hanging as we pulled up to the house this evening. So, Bob rapidly tucked the kids into bed and I read us the final chapter as I sat sipping Theraflu and eating scones (yes, that tasted as badly as it sounded). Anyway, great read/listen. I really enjoyed Bryson's expat-cum-pat accent, occasional British vocabulary and dead pan delivery in the audio. In fact, I got the feeling he's kind of Sedaris-like in that way. A great listen, possibly even better than reading his work myself. I far prefer David Sedaris' audio and live performances to relying on me reading his work. I just don't do it justice in my head. A Walk in the Woods also left me with an overwhelming urge to take on some sort of outdoorsy adventure of my own (most likely a walk to Starbucks) or, at the very least, a trip to New England.