Saturday Night at SBC Park

It was, in a word, fabulous. It's no secret that I love Dave Matthews... and his band, well, they're not bad either. Saturday night's concert in San Francisco was tres fun. We went with another couple I've known for 20+ years or so. We ate an early dinner at Momo's and walked across the street to SBC in time to catch all of the opening acts, something we've never managed at a DMB show. This time it was Jem opening for the Black Eyed Peas who, in turn, opened for DMB. An excellent mix, in my opinion. The weather was pure SF and SBC sitting on the water as it does, was an excellent host to the cool breezy drizzle of the night. As usual, the concert was far too short. I could listen to them play all night. I was actually surprised how many songs they played off Stand Up. And, as I expected, they all sounded better live. Now, if I could just become a Dave roadie.