Birthday Party is ON!

In an effort to salvage my birthday, I'm hosting my own party this weekend at a paint-your-own-pottery place. My actual birthday was spent in the ER with my daughter, getting her a CT scan to confirm she'd not been injured when she crashed her dirt bike into a fence. She's one tough cookie. Nothing more than a bruise on her cheek that was gone in a couple days. Plus, she gets a new helmet out of the deal.

Anyway, back to the party. Peanut's making the tiarras. I'm in charge of the finer details like food and drinks. The turnout is looking good. Aside from my kids and husband, it's going to be a chick thing. So, on the advice of my bartending friend, I found the most adorable cocktails. I didn't want to spend time mixing drinks and wine seemed a bit heavy. Hence the Cocktails by Jenn. They are absolutely adorable and will require no mixing on our part. They even coordinate with my retro paper goods. For the underage and non-drinking set, we'll have some sparkling lemonade. I'm hoping I can find some cute enough to hold court with the Jenns.