Let them eat cake!

It's been birthday season. So, I baked and decorated Peanut's cake for her party Saturday. Then, I baked another cake on Sunday for my friend's son. If I see another piece of fondant, I just might heave.

Otherwise, I've decided it's a great outlet for any artistic tendencies I might harbor. Cakes have the fabulous up-side of being edible, therefore unable to serve as a constant reminder of my fondant period, my star-tip-decorated-character-cake period, etc.

Other crafts have not provided me this blessing. Do you remember puffy paint in the late 80's? It wasn't pretty. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone who received one of my gorgeous creations. Call me. I'll bake you a cake.

Peanut's Birthday Cake 2005 Posted by Hello

Daniel's Birthday Cake 2005 Posted by Hello