Was I really a Project Manager in my past life?

I think I might have a serious issue with project management as it pertains to remodeling my house. Both of our bathroom remodels were kicked off by me ripping up a small section of the vinyl flooring. This resulted in moving one wall, and completely gutting bathroom #1. Bathroom #2 was fortunate enough to keep its walls and door in place, but had to endure a complete face lift, including a new everything-but-the-tub. The tub in bathroom #2 did undergo a refinishing (it was 50 years old and needed it).

Our initial kitchen remodel was much the same. I started by ripping up a flawed area of the vinyl flooring (sensing a theme?) and by midday had the neighbor over helping me rip out the rest of the floor, followed by the cabinets, countertops and drywall. Then I went to Home Depot and ordered the cabinets (after my dad rewired the entire kitchen). So, you can see I have a tendency to begin in the middle of the project.

This brings us to the former dining room, which started life in 1948 as an original bedroom of a two bedroom home, was then made into a family room and now serves as our office, breakfast room, family room, et al. The poor room was having an identity crisis. It's one of the smallest communal areas in our home, yet everyone ends up in that room. It's like it has a strange gravitational pull. Anyway, I decided to paint it Dressage Red, having tired of the faux finish I'd done 7 years ago. Then my dad and I widened the opening between said room and the kitchen, installing a new header as I'd chosen a load bearing wall, of course.

Meanwhile I scored a granite slab off craigslist for a pittance. Then I managed to find our now-discontinued cork tile flooring that we used in the kitchen so that I could extend it into the newly painted, expanded room. Somewhere in the midst of this I found some custom cabinetry on craigslist to form the new desk/entertainment center/bookcases/file drawers/pantry and a trash compactor for the island I plan to install. I also scored a fabulous brand new dishwasher on eBay for less than half the price. During this period of acquisition o' stuff, I ripped out the oak flooring that had no lives left (poor floor) and my dad helped me install the new underlayment. I spent spring break putting in the cork tile. So, I have a room that's painted with a new floor, no trim, no baseboards, no new french doors even ordered and no new island ordered. However, Pier 1 Imports had a sale and I couldn't pass up these adorable counterstools. They will look marvelous at the island - at least I think they will. Mind you, I've also bought some adorable new plates, bowls and coffee mugs for dining at the island.

I ought to get that island layed out and ordered soon. Hopefully I'll hear from the window and door guy so I can get the replacement french doors ordered and installed. Probably ought to put a call into the plumber too - need to move the washer and dryer hook ups into the old closet-cum-office-cum-laundry area. Really, all just a bunch of minor details. Right?

Tonight I put a second coat of finish on the cabinet pieces that were originally stained in a natural maple finish so that they'll match our existing kitchen cabinets. The other components are white, so I'm leaving them alone.

I even managed to get the dishwasher installed, although the compactor has to wait for the island installation. Loving the new dishwasher. Turbozone rocks. You can put the most caked on, disgusting dishes in front of those jets and it's like magic.

You know, that backyard landscaping is looking a little tired...