The One That Got Away

I'm still trying to get over it. Two days ago, on my regular thrift store rounds, I perused the album selection at one of my favorite stops. I don't usually spend time looking at the albums, but something Bug me in. As I flipped through the first few, I came across a stunning cover. It was The Velvet Underground & Nico Andy Warhol with the banana on the cover. Not knowing much about this particular segment of collectively and not owning a turntable, I passed up this $1 purchase, promising myself I'd check it out on eBay when I got home.

So, after noting it's value far exceeds $1, I went back today. Not only was it nowhere to be found, but the entire album area was swarming with dealers who were loading up their respective boxes with stacks of albums, carefully selected. So, not to feel left out, I snatched 14 that piqued my interest and headed home to try my hand at this venture. If nothing else, they're easy to store and the cover art alone keeps me smiling. Who can really resist vintage 60's cover art. And Ms. Karen, I even came across a John Prine. I didn't pick it up, assuming you already own everything the man has touched.

We'll see how it goes. If I recover the $14 it will be worth the adventure.