Remodel du jour

So, progress on the remodel of the dining room/kitchen area has come to a screeching halt as we await shipment of the coveted Valencia Matte cork floor tiles. You see, these are the tiles we installed in our kitchen five years ago. Of course, when we went to order more for the remodel that is a continuation of the kitchen space, we found out the tile form had been discontinued. Valencia Matte is now available only in a floating floor style.

Fortunately, I have a serious addiction to finding the unfindable (yes, I said *unfindable*). So, we are awaiting our shipment of three cases of tiles from some stash in a warehouse somewhere on this planet, we think.

Meanwhile, our dining room looks like a storage facility/craft room/computer nook/giant pigsty. I'm reluctant to order the cabinets for the new island lest some major disaster strikes the plane/train/truck transporting my floor tiles.

Riveting update on our lives, eh?