A day on vacation

So, we were heading back from an early Thanksgiving with my parents and stopped in Truckee for lunch at Dragonfly. Parking in downtown Truckee is a bit of an artform. So, I was thrilled to score a spot right on the street. As we pulled in I noticed three distinguished looking men walking down the sidewalk in our direction. One of them was wearing tennis shoes with his business attire - odd to me, as that's typically a sight for public transportation not a day in the Sierras.

So, my eyes traveled upward to see what one who'd wear running shoes and slacks might look like and guess whose face I saw - CLINT F_ING EASTWOOD! Yep, it was Clint. In the flesh. Right there. In front of my van. And yes, his middle name is F_ING. We quickly got out of the car, but Bob banned me from taking a photo (not that I could have managed to get the camera out and ready without looking like a complete dweeb).

The kids were oblivious, of course, and continued there rendition of the Bickersons as we followed Clint down the street toward our destination. He said goodbye to his companions, mentioned something about his upcoming trip to Hawaii, got into his Mercedes and drove off. I have to say, for being older than the dirt we walked on, he was a bit hot. And, surprisingly less leathery than Robert Redford. I guess that ocean air in Carmel is treating him well.

So, how would one counteract all of this coolness? I'll tell you. As we sat waiting for our lunch to be served, I glanced over at a table near ours. There was a baby in an infant carseat, mother seated to the right of him/her, father seated across from him/her and toddler age sister across from mom/next to father. All seemed right and good, but awfully quiet. Then, I looked at their table top. Sitting in front of the infant (in the infant carseat, remember) was a personal DVD player showing what appeared to be Baby Mozart or Baby Media Ho or some such crap. Little sister was across the table watching her own DVD player as well. The parents were not interacting with the kids or each other for that matter. And, we wonder why it's all going to hell in a hand basket.

Don't get me wrong, I've been known to plug the kids into the TV on many occasions. I even have pictures of Peanut watching a football game from her high chair, just not an INFANT in the middle of a RESTAURANT!!! For The Love Of God, I have some standards. Bob saw me absobing all of this and said, "I was wondering when you'd see that." I think he was concerned I'd need sedation. It was touch-and-go there for a while. Thankfully, I had a spa treatment the next day.

Okay, I need a glass of wine. Hold tight for those pictures folks. They're a comin'.