Things your taxi driver shouldn't say...

US Have you been driving cabs for a long time?

TAXI DRIVER About 5 months, but I drove on the open road for 20 years until my PSYCHIATRIST recommended I change jobs.

We were simply thrilled when we arrived at the hotel in with all limbs intact. A great guy, I'm sure.

Bob and I took a wonderful trip up to Chico to meet Mike and J for our annual Dave Matthews concert. This year, the venue was the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Marysville aka MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, THEN TURN LEFT. As always Dave et al were fabulous! Our seats were adequate, could have been closer. Of course, I'll be saying that until Dave let's me sit with him during the shows.

For added humor, we interspersed our entertainment with Republican National Convention viewings. So flippin' hilarious. Comedy Central would not have asked for better material. And exactly what kids of blackmail do they have on McCain that he'd come of there and say a single positive thing about Dumboya? I declare! It must be a doozy!