PBS: Julia Remembering Julia Child

Talk about an inspiration! Two days shy of her 92nd birthday, we've lost a phenomenal woman, Julia Child.

PBS: Julia Remembering Julia Child: "Remembering Julia Child

'Julia Child's legacy to America is felt nowhere more strongly than at PBS,' said Pat Mitchell, President and CEO of PBS. 'When it all began on WGBH, Boston's public television station, in 1962, no one had ever done a cooking show on television. But Julia set a standard for far more than a genre that has grown exponentially ever since. She made sophisticated cooking techniques accessible while promoting the art of cooking to men and women alike. She was a funny, witty and debonair character who charmed all who knew her - even if just by her television appearances. We're honored to have had her as part of the PBS family and we will cherish her memory.' "