The Arm Saga

We finally got Bug a cast after an urgent trip to the ER at Children's Hospital. The ortho we saw on Wednesday took one look at the x-rays and sent us immediately off to Children's where he had called ahead to consult w/the ortho on staff there. They were concerned he might need surgery to reset the radial head into the elbow socket. Fortunately, they sedated him and it went back it rather easily as they reduced the ulna fracture. Of course, this was the night that the hospital was full to capacity (accepting no transfers) with multiple traumas coming into the ER. So, it was an 8 hour process, but wonderful staff made up for any inconvenience. Bug is now the proud owner of a glow-in-the-dark cast, although not waterproof. We go back in a week and will hopefully get a full cast rather than a split cast at that time. This kids' amazing though. He's taken 1 ibuprofen since they reset it Friday night. After seeing his films, I've developed some serious sympathy pains.