First Broken Bone

Oh, the fun never stops.  We went to my parents' house the past weekend for their house warming party.  Very fun.  Bob was out of town, but the kids and I had a great time.  It was also a convenient way to get Bug to their house for his week w/the grandparents.

Peanut and I drove back home yesterday.  It's about a four hour drive.  We had a girls' night with toenail painting and a bubble bath.  All was well.

Then, we awoke to the phone ringing early this morning.  I didn't get up to answer it, but checked the caller idea within a few minutes. It was my mom.  She left a message saying that Bug was okay now, but to give her a call asap.

Evidently, he wet the bed last night and got up to go sleep in a dry bed up in the loft where I had stayed while I was there.  Well, the stairs to the loft are temporary without a railing.  So, when Bug reached up to turn on the light in the loft from the stairway, he fell down the stairs to the tile floor, breaking his arm in the process.

So, they spent the night in the ER where Bug was sedated to have the arm set.  Tomorrow he'll get a cast tomorrow afternoon at the orthoped who comes up to my parents' remote area from his office in Truckee (i.e. ski dr, accustomed to oodles of breaks). 

Evidently Bug was quite a trooper, crying only when the put the line in to sedate him.  He was surprised to hear that many adults scream much louder than he did.

So, he's hoping for a green cast tomorrow, but spent most of his day playing dominoes and reading the FIFTH Harry Potter book (the boy is officially addicted to Harry Potter, having started book 1 on June 10th).

While I feel horrible that I wasn't there, I'm secretly relieved that I didn't have to see him put under.  I think I would have collapsed. 

I guess he'll be spending his remaining summer vacation in a cast, missing out on swimming and bowling and his new favorite game, FLUXX (unless I get him a card holder).