Wednesday, July 14, 2004 at 11:44 PM

My son, the addict

School got out in mid-June. My First Born asked if I would take him to see the latest Harry Potter movie. I said, as any moderately literate parent would, "only if you read the books first". I thought, there's no way a 7 year old is going to get through all five books on his own. Silly me.

We're now midway through July and he's on the fourth book, having devoured the first book in 10 days. He then began re-reading it while waiting for me to purchase the remaining books. He's now about a fourth of the way through book four, with just one book remaining.

I've tried to ask about the stories. He gave me a copy of the first book and told me to read it so that I wouldn't have to ask him to explain the stories to me. Sweet child, I know.

So, it turns out that he can read after all. We've even had to limit bedtime reading as he developed a trend of staying up until MIDNIGHT (with a 7pm bedtime!) repeatedly. In the past, he fell asleep while reading, never past 9pm or so. So, we've taken to saying things that I distinctly remember from my youth like, "Mark your page. Close the book and GO TO SLEEP!" I have to admit that while these words are coming from my mouth, in my mind I'm high-fiving him for loving to read so much that he's willing to forego sleep. It's just so cool.