Latest Escapades

It's been so long since I've ripped up anything in the house (walls, floors, etc.) that I think I was just overcome by the urge. It started with painting the dining room red and just got out of hand.

So, I've managed to tear out the remaining wall between the kitchen and dining room (a bedroom when the house was built in the 40's). Thank God my dad showed up for a visit given that it was a load bearing wall. Thanks to some consult calls to my brother and crafty ingenuity on my dad's part, we now have a new beam and supports and a nice wide opening between the rooms.

I also managed to score a granite piece on craigslist that matches our existing granite and already has four bull-nosed edges. Should make a great island topper. Of course, I now need to lay out the cabinetry that we'll be adding to tie the two spaces together. I'm also hoping that the cork flooring we used in our kitchen is still being made in the same pattern/color.