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Falling Into Place

School is starting, the house is coming together, and life continues on. We even made it through the earthquake unscathed, although waking up to the shaking underneath the beam your general contractor just told you was undersized for the load it was supporting was a bit unsettling…still, all is good. Peanut woke up startled, scared. Bug slept right through it, not a surprise at all. Friends in Napa had a far scarier night and aftermath. 

Peanut started her junior year of high school this week. Two years left, and she’s off to college. Still wants to be an ICU nurse. 


Uncle F was off to his first day at the new job. Note his extraordinary excitement. He’s happy on the inside, I swear.

BTW, that’s Uncle F. Say hi! He’s pretty awesome. I like him a lot.





We had a little BBQ to break in the new Weber and celebrate Back-to-school Eve. The fuzzy faced guy is Bug. He gets another week of respite before school starts, although they had a daylong work party this past weekend to prep the school for their return. He’s ready to get back into the groove. He misses his tribe. I even caught him reading college brochures last night. Maybe he’ll leave the nest next year, after all. 


Unedited shot of the drive to the ranch.

Now that Peanut drives and Uncle F likes to join us on ranch outings, I get to be the passenger more often, which means more pics can be taken of my favorite local landscape. Fall really is in full swing in the hills.  I used to find the brown grass depressing, but at some point I started to see it as part of the whole picture. I love the gold against the blue and white sky. 



Glitter and a butterfly to combat the first-day-back jitters. 


Happy Fall, kids! I’ll try to get pics of the camera-shy Bug on his first day, but that’s a tall order to fill. There’s bound to be some face-making involved. 



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