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Five Star Friday

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Seattle Time

Pair of virgins

A pair of Virgins greeted us at SFO.

Mah Bro

My bro chauffeured us from SEATAC to fish and chips and chowder, post haste.

Day 1 in Seattle

Priorities, we have 'em.

Day 1 in Seattle

100 lbs. per square ft. taken literally.

Coffee time. #seattle

Duh. Seattle. Coffee.

Day 1 in Seattle

And Glassybaby, because a good cause + something pretty is hard to resist. This go 'round I acquired Happiness and Grateful.

Houses my brother built. #seattle

We toured some of my brother's amazing work.

Monster photo bomber

And we relaxed with the kiddos.

Then it was time to say goodbye. :(

Rhod and Peanut

Goodbye, Rhod.

View does not suck. #pugetsound

Goodbye, Sound.

So long, Seattle.

Goodbye Ferris Wheel, spinning 'round.


Until next time, Seattle. We miss you already.

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