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Rambling On: Now With Pictures!

the end. #peacebuilding

When an apology comes with a "but" or a qualification, it's an excuse. Remember that. Apologies say, "I'm sorry; I fucked up." If you start tacking anything else onto the apology, maybe you aren't ready to apologize, and the person you're apologizing to certainly doesn't want to hear anything that comes after it.

Life's important decisions aren't made at desks.

It's good to spend time with people. Casual time, important time, and just listen. Let them talk. Hear their stories. Maybe share a few of your own. Connect with the world. Eat good food. Drink good drinks.

Our instincts to name him after Magnus ver Magnusson should not have been ignored. #couchpotato #strongman

True story: we thought long and hard about naming him Magnus after Magnus ver Magnusson. We didn't, but dammit if that kid hasn't always been freakishly strong. When he was barely school-aged, he helped me move a sleeper-sofa across the backyard to the other side of the house. He carried one end; I carried the other. He is the greyhound of picking things up and putting them down.

My happy. #bettertogether

Embrace your happy. Grab onto it with both hands. It's good stuff.


Maybe your happy is down the road a bit. Take a look.

Finished decorating. #cupcakes #birthday #strawberryshortcake

If that doesn't work, eat a cupcake. I recommend a pink one. You can't have a crap day if you've eaten a pink cupcake. And this strawberry cake recipe is the bombdiggity. (The kids still say bombdiggity, right?)

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